Xmotor Typhoon series brushless outrunners for indoor model

Product Description:

TY single shaft version:

The new design, breakthrough technology

The lightest of the same class

High torque winding
Optimized for PT Propeller
Hollow shaft
2202 designed for F3P competition
2203 taking into account the F3P and freestyle flight
Using propeller protector
Provide two type of the motor mounts

CR coaxial version:

The innovative design of coaxial
Designed for F3P competition
keep the lightest of the same level
High torque winding
Carbon fiber shaft
5 ball bearings
Using the propeller protector
Recommend PT propeller (joint development)
Easy to install

Xmotor 2202RTR & 2203RTR Features

1. Motor body is a modular design, usingthe new generation of TY motor, making the motor total weightvery light.

2. The mounting plate is designed as ESC driver board, eliminating the need for external ESC and connection wires.

3. Drive system (motor + ESC) is light weight, about 5 grams lighter than the combination of motor and ESC.

4. Motor outlet wiresis soldered at the edge of the ESC, easy to change the direction of motor rotation (by default it is counter-clockwise).

5. TY motor module and ESC are screwed, with good structural strength.

6. The ESC is designed compactly, all parts are within 27mm in diameter

7. ESC uses high quality MosFET, peak current can be up to 25 amps

8. The ESC also serves as a mounting plate and provides four M2 screw mounting holes

9. Plug and play, no need to set. Simple the best.

10. We believe that this generation of RTR motors will certainly bring more convenient experience for indoor flying.

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Typhoon Indoor Series

Contra Rotating Edition

1650 1650 1600 1600 1080
Item No.
51301 51752 51302 51753 51303
Diameter of Shaft(mm)
3mm, hollow
3mm, hollow
3mm, hollow
3mm, hollow
2.5mm, carbon fiber

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