Power Control Unit for BLS MR motors

Specially design for Multi-copter All new hardware w/ housing Ultra low resistance HRS - High Response System Fully programmable Wet & dusty proof

Product Description:

Especially designed for multi-rotor.

Low internal resistance, suitable for long-endurance flight

Ultra-thin design, compact structure, easy to install

PCU adopts waterproof and dust-proof technique and is also equipped with a shell

Higher clock frequency for precise control

Build in HRS-quick response system, supports up to 600Hz control signals from flight controller.

No BEC output.

Optimized for dualsky brushless motors, it’s suitable for other brushless motors, supports 28 poles disc-type motors.

Firmware optimized for multi-rotors.

Also provide complete programming function and adjustable timing.

Supports Progcard V3 (No.41273), shows clearly and easy to set.

With multi protective and filter functions.

Plug signal wire into the corresponding port of flight controller.

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Item Name:Power Control Unit for BLS MR motors

Item No:
NO. 41331 PCU 60 77x33.5x12.5mm
NO. 41332 PCU 100 77x33.5x12.5mm
NO. 41334 PCU 80HV 84x33x17mm
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