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Product Description:

Quad copter flight control, 3 axis gypo + 3 axis accelerometer, auto level, compact size.(21050)

Arm Case for Hornet 460, 2pcs per bag, comes without motor adaptor rings.(21002)

Motor Adaptor Ring for Hornet 460 Arm Case, 2pcs per bag.(21003)

Circuit Board of Hornet 460 Arm, 2pcs per bag. LEDs are soldered on the board.(21004)

Build with durable material, 2pcs per bag.(21005)

Covered by protection film in factory. Please peel off the protection film before using.(21009)

Please notice, each pair includes 1 normal and 1 reverse propeller.(21017)

Longer than standard FC430 wire set, increase the flexibility of FC430 in installation(21023)

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Item Name:SPARE PART for HORNET 460 SS

Item No:

21050 FC450 - Quad copter flight control, 3 axis gypo + 3 axis accelerometer
21002 H-Arm, 2pcs, without rings
21003 H-Arm ring, 2 pcs
21004 H-Arm board, 2pcs
21005 H-Landing gear, 2 pcs
21006 H460-Mainboard, with plugs
21007 H460-Upper deck
21008 H460-Lower case, w/ battery mount
21009 H460-Canopy, w/ screw set
21010 H460-Wire set
21011 H-Hex screw 3x6, 20pcs
21012 H-Screw 3x6, 20pcs
21013 H-Screw 3x8, 20pcs
21014 H-Screw 3x10, 20pcs
51015 XM2830CA-Hornet, 830RPM/V
41016 PM32S-Hornet
41029 XC-22-MR, 22 amps ESC
21017 H460-Popeller 9", black, 1 pair
21023 FC430-Wire set L

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