HORNET 460 - Radio controlled quda copter, RTF

Includes Custom Designed 3-Axis Flight Control System Module Design for Quick Assembly Equipped with LED Lights Motor: 4 pcs of XM2830CA-Hornet ESC: 4pcs of XC-22-Hornet Flight Control Unit: Dualsky FC430 Weight: 780g w/o battery Max. Flying Weight: 1800g

Product Description:

The Innovative Qudacopter, 90% factory assembled, comes as standard with a Dualsky Brushless and Flight Control Systems. The Hornet 460 is fitted with LED lighting so it can be flown at night.

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Item Name:SPARE PART for HORNET 460 SS

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21001-SS HORNET 460 SS
Upgraded self stabilization control
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