Xmotor GBD Series New Gimbal Diver Edition

Product Description:

1. GBD motor is a brushless servo motor integrated with motor driver, designed for camera gimbal. 
2. GBD motor connect to Main controller via I2C bus, different slave addresses can be selected with a 2-bit DIP switch. 
3. The motor uses a 12-bitencoder (AS5600) for precise motion control.
4. Built in slip ring for free rotating.
5. Support 3-6S (not 2S)LiPo battery.
6. GBD motor can only be used with Alex SBGC32 Gimbal controller, other systems are not supported.

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Xmotor Gimbal motor integrated encoder and driver

Item No. Name/Description Weight(g) Max. weight of gimbal/camera(kg)
51461 XM4010GBD

51462 XM5010GBD 144 2.0
51463 XM5015GBD 181 3.0
51464 XM7010GBD 262 4.0
51465 XM7015GBD 344 6.0

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