3RD Generation DA Seriesfor F3A competition

Product Description:

DA3 added features:

1.Innovative MS design - eliminate the MS gap

2.lengthen the external main shaft, compatible with more propellers, equipped with new double nuts.
3. optimized case, lighter and more efficient
4. Fully- new lightweight cover and more flexible mounting hole

5.Increase 6350DA with F3A power and light weight(525g)


DA features:                                     

7.The rotor can bear larger peak power with built-in centrifugal fan .

8.Especially designed for F3A and 3D

9.Imported large size bearings

10.Precision assembled case, dynamically balanced on both size

11.Improved air-gap and improved efficiency

12.Curve-shaped magnets. Adopt the highest grade NdFeB magnet.

13.0.2mm laminations.                                   

14. Thicker high-temperature wire in parallel to improve insulation and impact resistance                      

15.Optimize motor slot full rate. Improved magnetic efficiency.

16. There is bearing bracket at the back of motor to further reduce the vibration .

17. Supply front motor mount (sold separately) to install in front of the firewall.

18.Classic Dualsky appearance with symbolic star shape

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3rd Generation DA Series
for F3A competition

NO. 51439


NO. 51438


NO. 57606


NO. 57812


NO. 51527


220 200 220 200 180
Weight w/o accessories(g)
525 525 590 590 590
63.0 63.0 63.0 63.0 63.0

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