Xpower ULTRA70 series. Ultra 70C discharging and 12C charging.

for 3D extreme flight and EDF Dualsky 6th generation Xpower battery technology Advanced Nano electrodes Ultra low IR 12C charging 70C discharging Dualsky 10th anniversary edition

Product Description:

Designed for 3D extreme flight and EDF
Dualsky 6th generation Xpower battery technology
Advanced Nano electrodes
Ultra low IR, 12C charging and 70C discharging
Ultra high ratio between power and weight, with unprecedented burst power
The battery electrode and separators are imported.
Super enduring, optimize the discharging capacity
Low IR and long life battery cells
Ensure 300+ times charge and discharge cycle without attenuation
Keep the lightest weight at the same grade
Three-layer soft package, light and endurable
High quality silver silicon wires and the root are protected with tube
Pre-soldered DC3 connectors, Plug and play with Dualsky power components
Compatible with XH balance port
Dualsky 10th anniversary edition
This series have 35 type of batteries, covering most 3d model planes and helicopter application.
5000mAh 6s is the best choice for 700 3D helicopter
Quality assurance, 100% inspection in Shanghai Dualsky factory before shipment

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Item Name:Xpower ULTRA70 series. Ultra 70C discharging and 12C charging.

Item No:
31172 XP22502ULT 2250 mAh 2S1P NEW
31173 XP22503ULT, 450E 3D Heli 2250 mAh 3S1P NEW
31174 XP22504ULT, 30E 3D airplane 2250 mAh 4S1P NEW
31175 XP22505ULT 2250 mAh 5S1P NEW
31176 XP22506ULT, 500E 3D Heli 2250 mAh 6S1P NEW
31177 XP27002ULT 2700 mAh 2S1P NEW
31178 XP27003ULT 2700 mAh 3S1P NEW
31179 XP27004ULT 2700 mAh 4S1P NEW
31180 XP27005ULT 2700 mAh 5S1P NEW
31181 XP27006ULT, 500E 3D Heli 2700 mAh 6S1P NEW
31182 XP33002ULT 3300 mAh 2S1P NEW
31183 XP33003ULT 3300 mAh 3S1P NEW
31184 XP33004ULT, 70mm EDF Jet 3300 mAh 4S1P NEW
31185 XP33005ULT, 50E F3A Trainer 3300 mAh 5S1P NEW
31186 XP33006ULT, 550E 3D Heli 3300 mAh 6S1P NEW
31187 XP38502ULT 3850 mAh 2S1P NEW
31188 XP38503ULT 3850 mAh 3S1P NEW
31189 XP38504ULT, Sebart Mig-29 3D EDF  3850 mAh 4S1P NEW
31190 XP38505ULT 3850 mAh 5S1P NEW
31191 XP38506ULT, 70E 3D Airplane 3850 mAh 6S1P NEW
31192 XP44002ULT 4400 mAh 2S1P NEW
31193 XP44003ULT 4400 mAh 3S1P NEW
31194 XP44004ULT, 2x for 125E F3A. 4400 mAh 4S1P NEW
31195 XP44005ULT, 2x for FAI. F6A 4400 mAh 5S1P NEW
31196 XP44006ULT, for 600E 3D Heli 4400 mAh 6S1P NEW
31197 XP50002ULT, 2x  for 1/8th Buggy 5000 mAh 2S1P NEW
31198 XP50003ULT, 1/10th Short course 5000 mAh 3S1P NEW
31199 XP50004ULT 5000 mAh 4S1P NEW
31200 XP50005ULT, 4000W 3D Airplane 5000 mAh 5S1P NEW
31201 XP50006ULT, 5000W 3D Airplane 5000 mAh 6S1P NEW
31202 XP660022ULT 6600 mAh 2S2P NEW
31203 XP660032ULT 6600 mAh 3S2P NEW
31204 XP660042ULT, Muti copter w/ camera 6600 mAh 4S2P NEW
31205 XP660052ULT 6600 mAh 5S2P NEW
31206 XP660062ULT, 2x 800E helicopter  6600 mAh 6S2P NEW
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