Xmotor Shafts for CA CH EA series

for CA CH EA series motors replace part

Product Description:

Main shaft for the Outerrunner CA CH EA seriesBrushless Motors,When the shaft damaged, use this spart part to replace it.

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Item Name:Xmotor Shafts for CA, CH & EA series

Item No:
55760 MS2223, for XM2223EA motors
55761 MS2227, for XM2227EA motors
55309 MS2812, for XM2812CA motors
55851 MS2812CA2, for XM2812CA2 motors
55158 MS2822, can be used for XM2822CA motors
55852 MS2822CA2, for XM2822CA2 motors
55159 MS2826, can be used for XM2826EA motors
55853 MS2826CA2, for XM2826CA2 motors
55160 MS2830, can be used for XM2830CA/CH/EA motors
55854 MS2830CA2, for XM2830CA2 motors
55340 MS2834,can be used for XM2834CA/CH/EA motors
55855 MS2834CA2,for XM2834CA2 motors
55723 MS2838, shaft repleacement for XM2838EA
55161 MS3530, can be used for XM3530CA/EA series motors
55162 MS3536, can be used for XM3536CA/EA series motors
55163 MS3542, can be used for XM3542CA/EA series motors
55164 MS3548, can be used for XM3548CA/EA series motors
55165 MS4240, can be used for XM4240CA series motors
55166 MS4250, can be used for XM4250CA/EA series motors
55724 MS4255, shaft repleacement for XM4255EA
55167 MS4260, can be used for XM4260CA series motors
55168 MS5050, can be used for XM5050CA/EA series motors
55169 MS5060, can be used for XM5060CA/EA series motors
55170 MS6350, can be used for XM6350CA/EA series motors
55171 MS6360, can be used for XM6360CA/EA series motors
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