Dualsky Servos

Product Description:

1. A new generation of servo series, covering almost all aircraft and helicopter model applications.

2. The goal of this servo series is to provide high quality servos for a variety of models at a reasonable price.

3. Never forget the beginner’s mind, this servo series contains a variety of entry-level servos.

4. To meet the high performance and durability requirements, most servos are equipped with dual bearings and metal gears

5. A variety of models using aluminum CNC shell, to increase the strength and cooling capacity

6. A variety of configuration high-performance coreless motor, and supports 7.4V high voltage

7. The top servos are equipped with a brushless power system

8. Benefit from the accumulation of knowledge in the power system and gyroscope, optimized drive to improve accurate and solid neutral performance, while the servo power consumption is lower

9. The servos are tested over thousands times, fully verify that the components have reached the design requirements

10. Lengthened servo plates, suitable for 3D and large aircraft

11. Provide gear, Horns and screw accessories, make it convenient to use

12. Recommend to power the servos with Dualsky voltage regulator, and high-quality receiver lithium batteries. Increase model control performance and reliability to new level.

Servos applications

1) Fixed wing entry level: AS55, DS395, AS82MG, AS549, DS8180, DS169
2) Fixed wing advanced: DS65, DS5090, DS169, DS199, DS589, DS8611
3) 3D, turbojet master: DS9431, DS8611, DS8950, DS8955
4) F3A acrobatic: DS5090, DS9431, DS8611
5) Gliders: DS65, DS5090, DS169, DS199
6) Helicopter entry level: DS5090, DS9431
7) Helicopter master: DS8950, DS8955
8) Off-road car: DS8611, DS8950, DS9650

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20592 DS3101, net weight 3.7g,
Digital micro servo for precision mini models
21574 AS55, ultra-micro, 6g, 1.2kg.cm@6.0V
21575 DS395, micro digital, 9g, 1.5kg.cm@6.0V
21576 DS65, digital w/ 2BB, 13g, 1.5kg.cm@6.0V
21577 DS5090, coreless micro, 20g, 3.2kg.cm@7.4V
21578 AS82MG, small w/ 2BB, 20g, 3.0kg.cm@6.0V
22112 DS169, micro thin, 9.0g, 2.8kg.cm@7.4V
22132 DS169F, flat thin, 9.0g, 2.8kg.cm@7.4V
21579 DS199, coreless thin, 25g, 7.0kg.cm@7.4V
22238 DS9401,26g,3.5kg.cm@6.0V
21892 DS9410, middle MG, 25g, 3.0kg.com@7.4V
22239 DS9420,29g,8.5kg.com@8.4V
22194 DS9415, middle MG, 26g, 8.0kg.com@7.4V
21580 DS9431, digital middle, 45g, 10kg.cm@7.4V
21581 AS549, air standard, 40g, 6kg.cm@6.0V
21582 DS8180, digital MG, 56g, 10kg.cm@7.4V
21583 DS589, Ultra torque, 56g, 15kg.cm@7.4V
21893 DS8570, Low profile coreless, 45g, 10kg.cm@7.4V
21584 DS8611, Titanium gears, 64g, 18kg.cm@7.4V
21894 DS8930, Brushless standard, 64g, 22kg.com@7.4V
21586 DS8950, brushless torque, 73g, 30kg.cm@7.4V
22077 AS700MG, retract servo, metal gear, 45g, 7.5kg.cm@6.0V
21588 DS9650, 1/5th scale servo, 202g, 50kg.cm@7.4V

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